Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello Utah..Here are Blessings!

We arrived in Utah on a Sunday, Leo began work the next day, Monday. On Tuesday we found out I was pregnant! And on Wednesday I got offered my first nursing job on 3 West at St. Mark's Hospital! We were so very very blessed! Welcome to Utah!

And as an interesting aside: I had always said I wanted to get a nursing job and have several months experience in that before we started our family. However, lately we had felt distinctly that we should not wait any longer in trying to have a baby. Clearly, the Lord had a different plan in mind. After months of not being successful in finding a job in CA as a new grad, I got offered one after just one interview in Utah; coincidentally, the very day after finding out we would be having a baby. Lesson learned: follow the counsel of the Lord and you will be blessed. 

Do you see a plus sign? We sure do! Baby Almeida #1 on the way!
Our Holladay, UT apartment

First day of work as a RN!

Leo's view from work. He could see the temple steeple between the buildings. The building to the right is where the Prophet lives.
Around Halloween we decided to announce the upcoming addition to our little family. This was her due date. :) One day she'd be this big inside of me. Crazy!

The best and most exciting Jack-o-lantern I've ever created. May 2, 2013.

About 10 weeks here. First pregnancy pose. :) 
And what's Utah in the Fall without some BYU football? It was good to be back. Go Cougars!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last Month in Sunnyvale

We had been considering moving to Utah for some time at the soonest available opportunity. Leo had interviewed with AgReserves and was offered a job. I had also flown up for an interview at St. Mark's Hospital. We were set to go, or getting there. We decided to sell most of our stuff, which was easy to do since we'd only had it for a year and it was all in great condition. I told my clients I would be leaving and that was sad for them to hear, and I was sad to leave them. Leo did the same with work. All we had to do now was pack as much fun and memories as we could into our last month. 

We had such a fun night babysitting these lovely Villamizar girls in our ward. Such cuties!
We went to the Monterrey Aquarium with Scott and Tesha. These are tiny little jelly fish.
We had a yummy dinner after.
It was so hard knowing this would be our last time visiting the Slambs in Monterrey. They would be moving to Utah also in December. But I still felt sentimental about this era ending. 

We had a delicious, authentic Polish meal with our friend, Kate. She was Leo's co-worker, but has become dear to both of us. I wish I'd gotten a picture with her in it.

We miss Kate so much, and cherish the time we got to spend with her in California. 

Deia had come to visit and help us move. We were so grateful for her help and company. She's so positive and gets along with everyone easily. 

Jamba Juice had a discount all week, so we took advantage of it with some friends.
I miss these friends a lot. They were such good and welcoming friends during our short time in California. 
Deia and I may or may not have gone back to Jamba Juice more than once that week. :)
Leo got us mostly packed up, like a champ. Geoff came to visit in the last couple of days. He had been there when we moved in and now he was there as we moved out. We were driving a moving truck and our car to Utah, but Geoff convinced us to make a stop in route with him and Scott and Tesha in Napa Valley for some amazing gourmet food. So, we said goodbye to Sunnyvale and headed North. We ate at Bouchon, part of the gourmet restaurant and winery strip there, and the food was indeed delectable. Thanks for the treat, Geoff!

Leo outside Bouchon.
The Bouchon Bakery.
It's too bad the picture is fuzzy, but here we are eating one of the many courses offered. 
I absolutely loved my french onion soup! Look at that cheese!
That's the way to move, with one last hurrah with those you love.
We walked around for a while and looked at all the yummy things the stores had to offer. Deia found this tin man, from Return to Oz, I believe.
Photo bomb!
Sampling olive oil. I never knew how different olive oil could taste! I loved the one with truffle. 
The French Laundry. We couldn't get reservations there, but it is the most famous of the restaurants in Napa Valley. The owner and head chef is the same, with his recipes served in all his restaurants. So, we got a little "taste" of it anyway. ;) 
You know me, I'm sentimental. It was hard saying goodbye to everything we had grown to love in California. We miss the people, both friends and family, most. Who knows, we may find ourselves living there again someday. Anything is possible. 
Farewell, California!

Deia came along with us on our journey. We stopped for a night in Reno, NV before reaching UT the next day.

July 2012 in a nutshell

Here's July in a whirlwind. We had lots of summer fun. I had started my own little business of swimming lessons and Leo was at EY. We were both pretty busy, but made sure we had time to play, too.

We attended the wedding of Martin and Octavia, friends of Leo's from EY.

Fourth of July parade in Monterrey, CA with the Slambs.

These guys were fun, a rollerblading club.

Then at the end this impromptu band started up with some fun random dancers joining in.

Leo attended a Giants game in San Fran.

We had Leo's work friend, Jesse, and her friends over for dinner and some Sports Champion.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Our First Anniversary!

June 30, 2012. Leo and I took our 1st Anniversary trip in San Francisco. Leo planned the whole thing, and it was the perfect day...

We started the day by tandem biking. It's an activity we've always wanted to do together. I can now say that it is harder than it looks, and that you learn many lessons about unity which can be aptly applied to marriage and life in general. We biked from Pier 39 all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge and back, with some stops on the way.

Our first stop was where we took our engagement photos over a year before. We went back to the exact beach to reminisce. 

Ahem...pardon us. Just some re-enactment. ;)

On the other side of the bridge. It was so foggy, but so much fun!

Our next activity was a well-deserved dessert break at Ghirardelli. We decided on a very chocolaty sundae. Yummy! We also walked for a bit around the piers and went to our favorite old-fashioned archade.

Our last activity was a tour cruise on the boat pictured above. It was an automated-guided tour with headphones. I learned so many interesting things about San Francisco and the harbor. Some of the sights we heard about and saw...

The rotunda which was the second location of our engagement pictures.

San Fran

We went directly under the Golden Gate Bridge. Our second visit of the day. 


I couldn't have asked for a better day or a better friend to spend it with. Happy first of many, many anniversaries to come, Gato!